Pinching puppy pennies. Traveling and saving with Bowser on a budget. Fido being frugal. These are the signs of our economic times and who doesn’t love saving money? In each issue of the magazine, we’ll be providing our readers tips and hints on savings with travel, health and wellness, lifestyle and even fashion for Fido. Break out Fido’s piggy bank and watch those savings add up!

Health & Wellness
On-The-Go Oh No!
While an emergency visit to the vet isn’t on the vacationing “to do” list, inevitably some of us will encounter this situation. What if while traveling Fido suddenly becomes ill and the only thing the emergency vet says is it will be $250 to be seen?  Avoid the stress and time (and big money) away from your vacation and log onto Staffed only by veterinarians with the goal of helping your pet while saving you money, allows instant connection with real licensed and unbiased veterinarians 24/7 via text messaging, instant messaging, and Q&A format. Starting at $12.95, this is a great service at a Bowser budget-conscious price.

Pump Up Those “Mussels”
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that goes for Fido, too. Great HealthWorks introduces Mussel Dog®. Mussel Dog is a plankton-based omega 3 fatty acid loaded with extremely high levels of antioxidants. According to Dr. Tiffany Margolin, money is saved as a function of getting rid of expensive NSAIDS and avoiding large vet bills for monitoring blood work on these toxic drugs and for doing surgery on pets that may be able to avoid it with Mussel Dog.

Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos
With a name like Paris, is it any wonder she wrote the book on canine travel? Paris Permenter told FIDO Friendly, “In some ways traveling with our dogs has actually helped us save money because instead of a fancy restaurant, we’ll enjoy a great picnic with the dogs. Along with saving money, traveling with the dogs has also helped us better enjoy the destinations we visit by experiencing them more like a resident instead of a vacationer.” Paris Permenter and John Bigley, publishers of, are the authors of the newly released book, Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos. “Not every savings technique will interest every family but readers will be able to quickly select frugal methods that work best for them,” Permenter said.

Lifestyle and Fashion
A Picture Says A Thousand Words
Capture the love for your pet in a scrapbook without the fuss, mess and expense.  Heritage Makers offers dog-themed digital art and a variety of products, from storybooks to a deck of playing cards. Lisa Taron, affectionately dubbed “The Pet Book Lady” can help readers make a 21-page 8×8 storybook for $49.95, compared to a paper scrapbook which can cost around $10 a page when adding up the paper, embellishments and photo prints.

Rock, Bark, and Roll
Vegas Rock Dog is the original line of rock and roll clothing for hip dogs and humans. Lead the fashion pack in a rock star denim jacket or a rockin’ tank top and bark and roll with the best of dogs. We love cool dogs in hot fashions and Vegas Rock Dog is hip, trendy and fashion fun!