Tired of chewed up toys? Why not braid and make your own? FIDO Friendly fan Kay Tucker shares her quick tip to make a tie-toy without ending up in knots.

•    Purchase a yard of fleece (watch for buy a yard, get a yard sale) and cut into strips according to the width desired.
•    Secure one end of the two cut pieces to a chair and start braiding tightly. Simultaneously pull the fleece toward you to stretch it a little.
•    When finished braiding, tie a tight knot at the end in your hands.
•    Then go back and re-braid it tighter if you can by securing the knotted end to the same chair.
•    As you re-braid, stretch as much as you easily can.  The tighter the braid, the better, as this will be tougher for Fido to chew into.
•    For extra fun, tie a knot in the middle of the braid afterwards. One more place for Fido to take a bite!
•    Tip: The more strips the better for extra durability, challenge and colors of fun.