Ready for a little spring cleaning? How about cleaning out Fido’s piggybank without breaking it? In this issue, we’ve scoured the Fido cupboards for haute finds geared at cool dogs. Head to the park, hit the holiday road and travel well with the family canine companion riding shotgun. With the extra savings from this column, start a rainy day fund. For now, everything’s come up roses (at a discount, of course).

May The Skies of Life Rain Biscuits
Playtime need not break the bank. The Fortune Flyer from is made of tough hemp canvas with organic cotton and agave fiber. This play toy is very eco-friendly, totally washable and can be put into the dryer. Free of plastics and dog safe, five percent each sale goes to rescue organizations. Each Fortune
Flyer has its own fortune: squeaker and prices vary between $7.95 to $14.95 depending on the size. Wishing Fido much good luck!

Hope, Faith & Love for Sale
Wish you could buy hope and peace? What if we tossed in faith for free? Pet Flys founder, Tammy Ann Arnett, explained, “A healthy portion from the sale of HOPE, FAI TH and PEACE will be lovingly donated to Pets of the Homeless.” These three different, 100 percent cotton canvas pet toys come with an inspirational message and are available in giraffe, camel and elephant. For $7 each, HOPE, FAI TH and PEACE are both affordable and fun. FIDO Friendly readers mention this column for a free PEACE when ordering HOPE and FAITH.

Doody Calls
Poop just got cute with trendy, funky, fashionable Fido waste bags. Take the oops out of poops and try on a giraffe, zebra or leopard from Pet Flys to masquerade your clean-up stash. With their big Velcro® paws, Urban Safari Pick-Up Pals attach to most anything for easy accessibility. Floral Fusion scented and Earth friendly
degradable, these pick-up pals clean up without causing an economic downfall. At
$16.50, we can’t wait to take our next walk around the neighborhood.

Wax On, Wax Off
Mush, Fido! Musher’s Secret is a barrier, food-grade wax for dog paws/pads that acts as an invisible boot. Developed in Canada for sledding dogs, apply a
thin coat on pads and between toes, weekly. It dries in seconds and does not stain, is nontoxic, non-allergenic and ranges from $12-$20 depending on size. Good on hot pavement, sand and sand burn, snow and ice, salt and chemicals. Booties be gone, Musher’s to the rescue!

Pawz & De-Stress
Separation anxiety or stress got your dog down? Calming Zen Pawz lavender collar charms to the rescue! The lavender lasts for months and is helpful with separation anxiety, separation issues or any nervous situation via aromatherapy benefits. In regular and mini-size with themed fabrics, you can have your own starting at $2.99 to $4.99. They easily clip onto Fido’s collar. Inhale, exhale and watch those prices fall.