FIDO is helping spread the word to let you know how you can help the animals who were affected by this terrible tornado.

The City of Moore in Oklahoma has reached out to RedRover for help raising money for the temporary animal shelter they are operating at the Cleveland Fairgrounds. The shelter currently has approximately 70 animals and more are coming in as they are found in the devastation left by the tornado that hit ground earlier this week.

While the City of Moore reports that sheltering operations are being handled by dedicated local staff and volunteers, they could really use help with fundraising and processing donations. The City of Moore manages a municipal animal shelter which is unaccustomed to the large influx of donations.

One hundred percent the funds we raise from this message will go directly to the shelter the City manages, called the “Moore Animal Shelter and Adoption Center,” to help pay for much needed supplies and care for these animals. Your support for the animal victims of the tornado is needed TODAY!

Please donate now to our Emergency Response Fund to help ensure that these animals can get the care they need.