Have you or a loved one experienced the pandemic puppy fever? 


Is your 700 sq foot apartment now full of squeaky squirrels, bones, and the remains of stuffed toys? Or perhaps you went a bit too crazy with the puppy cam installation…


Now is the perfect time to commemorate this newfound love of puppies is through Old World Christmas ornaments – and yes we know it’s March .. BUT ornament shopping should not be limited to a few months out of the year! 


There are so many things to celebrate all around the calendar – like your new pandemic puppy’s first birthday. Or the fact that you finally managed to talk your partner into getting a puppy. 


Here are some darling examples




Bark-bark! You can’t forget to put man’s best friend on the tree! Honor your dog this year and for years to come with a dog Christmas ornaments. With them being a key part of your family putting a dog ornament on your tree is the perfect thing! We have all the most popular breeds crafted out of blown glass to give you the best quality ornaments. We have both holiday themed and playful dog ornaments that everyone will love. Got a cat in your life too? Check out our great selection of cat ornaments as well.


See all the fun choices here 



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