By: Travelin’ Jack

Summer’s night upon us….and being’ the pre-eminent canine travel reporter that I am….I got to work….off we went (the Jack and Jill team) to one of MY personal favorite places,  Buffalo Thunder Resort ( …just 15 minutes north of Santa Fe.

As a dog-guest and a canine TV reporter, I’ve covered this posh getaway several times…and it has deservedly received Travelin’ Jack’s very prestigious 5-PAWS rating…the best you can get from this discriminating pooch!  It’s one heck of a resort for the 2-footed travelers too!

This beautiful resort, set amidst the rock cliffs and mesas of Pojoaque Pueblo Indian Reservation,  is one of the newest, grandest resorts in the country.  It’s received numerous awards for everything from its ulta-modern Native American décor, art work and design, to state-of-the-art conference center and 5 taste-tempting restaurants.  Then there’s the Spa…….thinkin’ about getting a paw-dicure the next time I’m there….. indoor & outdoor pools scattered around the resort…and TWO golf courses on property.  Oh—did I mention the Casino?  Pretty doggone snazzy….hottest slots around (least that’s what they say…my paws won’t reach the slot arm!).

But here’s the most dog-portant part of the whole place…..Buffalo Thunder Resort is SUPER dog-friendly.  From the moment you pups check in….if you dog-wink the receptionist just right….voila…you’ll receive a tasty giant-sized doggie biscuit….now that’s what I call a warm dog-welcome!  They have great pet-friendly rooms.  Here’s the scoop… get a special room…large, cozy, comfy—all those good things…BUT they have a patio door that opens to your own patio…leading you right outside to LOADS of walking trails scattered around the resort.   Midnight potty break?  No problem–out the door…no long windee corridors, stairs to go up and down etc.  Talk…er Bark about convenience!!

And if your person forgot your bowl or bed (dog-forbid!) they have loaners.  Jill forgot my bowl one time (I dog-monished her big time, let me tell you!), and we had a nice big bowl delivered right to the room!  It’s also FUN to parade through the resort.  Great inside walking areas since this is a gi-normous resort….and let me tell you…talk about an attention getter! If you need your doggie spirits lifted, just take a hike through Buffalo Thunder Resort.  Employees and guests greet you, pet you, call you by name….treated like royalty for sure!  So there’s a few doggone good reasons to come to Buffalo Thunder Resort…..why you don’t even need to go off property…so many things to do for the pup and the person!

BUT….drum roll here…..Travelin’ Jack’s not a-slouchin’ these days, no sirreee!  You see, I dog-personally know all the big shots at Buffalo Thunder & visit with them regularly.  On this visit we hit a grand slam!  You see, I’m always tellin’ them how dog-portant it is to be pet-friendly to canine travelers….and I also like to bark about supporting animal shelters.  SO…….BIG drum roll now…..Travelin’ Jack has talked Buffalo Thunder into hosting “The Dog Days of Summer!” Starting in June all summer long,  DOGS STAY FREE!  NO PET FEES! Now isn’t that just the dog-dandiest thing you ever heard?!  BUT that’s not all!  We’re gonna have all sorts of fun things going on during July….with proceeds going to help the local animal shelters.  Like a Yappy Hour Party, a special pool-side beverage cooler named after me……dogfood & donations drive …and that’s just for starters!  A grand time’s sure tobe had by all-Pups and their Persons—I dog-guarantee!

If you want to learn more about the “The Dog Days of Summer!” or Buffalo Thunder Resort (,  just check in with the good folks at MY favorite New Mexican resort…and tell ‘em Jack sent ya!