Do you find that your dog attracts attention and you meet people you never would have without your trusty canine pal? Dogs have a tendency to open our worlds to things previously untapped. Add a Doodie Pack to Fido and suddenly, the looks, glances and communication with others soars.

How do I know and just what is a Doodie Pack? My dog Dexter strapped on a Doodie Pack and became a walking billboard (by accident). Doodie Pack is a lightweight functional utility dog backpack of sorts that allows Fido to carry items (think waste bags, your keys) and doubles as a waste management system.

Beyond its stylish functionality, Doodie Pack is also used by behavioral trainers as an effective tool in the training process. Kristin Elliott, inventor of the Doodie Pack, shared, “Melissa Cocola, Master Cetified Trainer and Owner of Creekside Resort, in Upstate New York, uses the Doodie Pack on her canine “jumping” clients. By adding weight asymmetrically, dogs are distracted into focusing on the weight of the pack. This, along with additional training,, has “undone” the unwanted behavior of jumping up. She encourages all her trained clients to purchase a Doodie Pack.”

Since I travel frequently with my dog, the Doodie Pack serves as a business card holder and is monogrammed with the company’s name on it. When folks ask if they can pet my dog, they bend over and whala, instant business card dispenser. Cute and functional, this is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” products. Sizing accommodates dogs from 8 to 180 pounds and there are an array of colors from which to choose.

What really put me over the top with this product is their giving back philosophy. Rescue groups that have their name monogrammed on the Doodie Pack receive 5% of the sale proceeds amongst other incentives. Companies who care touch us deeply.

Dexter has used his Doodie Pack for about a year now and never ceases to receive compliments on it. It shows very little, if any, wear, cleans up nicely with a sponge and some liquid soap, and is very unisex. For those who want their dog to wear something but don’t want the full-fledged “fashion” stylings of typical doggie clothes, the Doodie Pack serves as a nice option.

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