After wrapping up their successful Kickstarter earlier this year, Diggs, an innovative pet products company, is excited to announce that their revolutionary Revol dog crate is now available for purchase directly from their website. With additional crate sizes and accessories launching soon, including crates for dogs up to 50 pounds, Diggs continues to be an innovative leader in the pet market.

“So much research was put into designing a crate that not only looks good but also sets new standards for the industry,” said Diggs CEO Zel Crampton. “We tried so many dog crates out there for my dog, Louise, and all of them made me feel too guilty leaving her in it. Revol not only looks like the opposite of a “dog jail,” but is designed to be a welcoming, comfortable, and safe home for your dog. In fact, when developing Revol we took inspiration from infant industry quality standards, because our dogs really are like family.”

Diggs’ Snooz crate pad was created to fit perfectly in the Revol and provides dogs with a luxurious and safe place to relax. In addition to meeting the same rigorous safety standards as Revol, Snooz is made with orthopedic, high-quality CertiPUR-USTM memory foam and is water and tear-resistant.

Why Revol

  1. Safe + Sound
    • Stronger and more durable than a standard wire crate, the Revol flat-folding dog crate is made from reinforced plastic, high-strength steel mesh wire and high-quality aluminum for a crate that keeps your dog safely contained – out of harm’s way and away from your oh-so tasty couch cushions!



  1. Look Ma, One Hand!
    • Now you can set up and collapse your pet’s home with one hand thanks to Revol’s patent-pending collapsing mechanism. Just give it one quick twist and you can put the Revol up or down in one second flat!


  1. Save Paws + Jaws (and Fingers)
    • You won’t need to struggle or get hurt opening the crate, and your pup won’t get hurt trying to get out, with Revol’s safe design and easy-to-use door locks. The unique, diamond-shaped mesh pattern and solid, single-piece frame prevent injury to jaws and paws. Altogether, Revol was made to play nice with everyone’s body parts.


  1. Perfect for Puppies
    • With a puppy divider, a removable tray for easy cleaning, and a ceiling hatch that allows you to calm and treat your pup without them squirming through an open door, Revol is designed to grow with your dog. From the potty-training phase to den-loving days, this is your dog’s home within a home.


  1. Made to Move

      Need to move your Revol? No problem! Revol is made with a light, easy-to-collapse frame, two ergonomically correct handles, and strong wheels to make it easy to move. This means you can toss it in the trunk or store it away in a closet quicker than you can say, “the in-laws are coming!”


  1. Home, Sweet Home
    • Revol is a quiet and welcoming space your dog will love for life. The large side door is easy to slide open and keep open; perfect for dogs that no longer need to be contained, but love to have a space to call their own. And with a softer, cozier, more rounded shape, there’s no better place to curl up and take a nap.


The small Revol crate is available for retail with free shipping on the Diggs website for just $224.99, and the Snooz crate insert for $79.99. For more information or to purchase, visit




*FIDO Friendly received product for review.