How many of you know your dog’s birthday? Or maybe you celebrate “gotcha” day instead—that special day when a paw-ticular pooch entered your life and was rescued. Either way, FIDO Friendly loves celebrating birthdays, too. We’d like to extend a big happy wish and many many years of success to our good friends at

From July 15 through July 17 Petfinder has partnered with shelters across America to celebrate by helping to get even more pets their forever homes.

“We are so proud of the more than 17 million adoptions we have helped facilitate since we started,” said Betsy Banks Saul, who founded the organization with Jared Saul in 1996.” Fifteen years and 17 million pet adoptions later, Petfinder has a lot to celebrate. Lives are forever changed because Betsy and Jared had a vision, saw it through to fruition, and now Petfinder is synonymous with rescue. Ask someone about Petfinder. They’ve become as commonplace in our vernacular as Xerox and Kleenex. Some things you just know. And Petfinder knows adoption, getting animals the homes they deserve, and making it for keeps.

Petfinder reports that this weekend, nearly y 1,500 shelters and rescue groups have agreed to participate in the birthday celebration  by hosting an adoption event during the time frame at their facility, or by joining together with other adoption organizations in their community. Families can visit to see a list of participating shelters and rescue groups near them. Each group’s event and adoption requirements may vary, so adopters are encouraged to speak with a shelter/rescue representative or look on the organization’s individual website for details.

People who are not able to adopt a pet but still want to help shelters and rescue groups can donate much needed funds or supplies to their local shelters or rescue groups. Alternatively, a donation of $15 to the Foundation will help work toward the Foundation’s goal of supporting thousands of animal welfare organizations by providing direct funding, as well as training, education and grants of equipment and supplies. Donations to the Foundation may be made from

Whatever you can do, every bit counts. For each life affected, saved and given a second chance, thank you. Now blow out those candles, Petfinder, your wishes have come through in 17 million ways and counting!