Dogs touch our lives for such a short period of time but are forever etched in our hearts.

There are some people who have the ability to etch the likeness of our precious pups forever into glass.

Comfy Cozy Pet Furniture is a family owned and operated company in the business of creating everlasting treasures involving pets.

I was a bit skeptical about reviewing a product touting my pet’s likeness engraved into glass. I’ve tried to have this process done before with less-than-stellar results. I was disheartened when the end result did not resemble my precious dogs the properly. Engraving images into glass by hand requires skill but also heart to accurately depict the glean in a dog’s eyes, the way their gaze would lovingly look at you.

I learned that in the summer of 2008, owner Barb Pawlik’s husband learned how to engrave glass and found that he has a real flair for pets. So when I interviewed Barb of Comfy Cozy Pet Furniture for FIDO Friendly, she asked if I’d like to see samples of the work they do. Being a dog lover to the core, and having loved and lost my first cocker, their task was to immortalize my current dog, Dexter, and my baby girl (gone 2 years today), Brandy Noel.

The finished products are nothing short of superb. They captured the true essence of both Dexter and Brandy, ever so realistically crafted by the hands of a skilled visionary. I truly felt like the person who etched these cared about my dogs, and treated their likeness of if they were his own. I knew these were my babies, not a generic version of the breed. The nuances in the hair, face, and personality came through fabulously.

As part of your order, they will also engrave a pet’s name, a quote/caption, and dates if you desire. You also choose a base style to display the glass portrait etching on (beveled, pyramid or rustic) and the color of the wood (light, medium, dark). Each base has a 7-watt light with easy switch on-off cord. They take special orders and are able to work on the color you desire in the base to match your surroundings.

This is truly a gift I will treasure, as I proudly display them on my mantle. With the holidays upon us, I know so many fellow Fido lovers who would fondly display this gift and remember your kindness for thinking of such a unique gift. Highly recommended and gorgeous!

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