FIDO’s friends at Lincoln Bark have relocated headquarters to a modern space double the size.  More room to run around and play?  That  sounds good to FIDO!


CHICAGO, IL – Lincoln Bark has relocated the company’s headquarters to a modern loft space in Chicago’s West Loop. The move brought this chia-powered dog treat company out of Lincoln Park, the Chicago neighborhood that inspired the company’s name, and into a new area of the city that is booming with successful entrepreneurs, young families and, best of all, countless four-legged playmates for Sophie.

The new headquarters is more than twice the size of Lincoln Bark’s first office, offering the Lincoln Bark team plenty of room to grow and expand. Surrounded by creative minds and successful businesses, the new space invites innovation and collaboration.

“The best part about our new location is the dog park that is just steps away from our building in a beautiful area downtown,” says the Director of Marketing, Michelle Laing. “I know where I’ll be spending many lunch breaks!”  


Founder and president, Bobbye Cochran, adds, “We were outgrowing our original space and as we’re expanding the business, we want our space to grow with us. Our goal is to take over the entire building. Here’s our vision,” jokes Cochran in reference to the photo shown of Lincoln Bark’s new space.

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