Mimi Green leather engraved buckle dog collars are both super cool and functional. No more jingling tags!

Brilliant and handsome design, nothing but the best for my Fido’s! Junior and Jake go to work with me everyday and oftentimes, I demand peace and quiet to put my thinking cap on. Identifying tags are very important in case your dog slips out through an unlatched gate or open door so to keep my pets safe and observe ‘quite time’ the engraved buckle with my dogs names and phone numbers fits the bill.

This leather dog collar is special because it can adjust size, even with the side release buckle! Just re-position the side screw to go up or down 2 inches. I measured both collar sizes incorrectly at first and hand to return them to Mimi Green. Because the engraved buckle can easily be placed with another collar, it took no time at all to receive the correct sizes. Talk about customer service!

If you ever change your phone number or move, you can call them to get another buckle engraved for your leather collar for just $12!

Here is what you get:

-Fitted with a highly polished nickel-plated die cast side release buckle

-This thick, full grain bridle leather is beveled and hand polished

-Solid welded steel dee ring and smooth capped rivets.

-Available in Black, Tan, Red and Dark Brown bridle leather

-Easily adjusts to correct size by repositioning the 2-part post/screw set

-Handmade in the USA

-Engraving is guaranteed to never wear off!

If leather is not your thing, order the webbing collars with many different colors and styles to choose from.

For more information visit www.shopmimigreen.com

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